Camuzzi Gas

        • Residential

          We bring natural gas or liquefied petroleum gas to residential users in the 7 provinces where we operate. Gas, as a fuel for domestic use, is used for cooking, heating water, heating environments, etc.

        • Small Business

          We accompany companies, SMEs and entrepreneurs that need natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas or compressed natural gas for the development of their commercial activities, whether it be the offer of goods and services.

        • Large Business

          We supply fuel to Large Customers, generally industries, with whom we have an annual service contract.

        • CNG

          Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) is used to mobilize gasoline engines (Otto cycle) in a wide range of vehicles, such as taxis, private cars, utility vehicles, pick-ups and public passenger transport.

Social rate

Closer to those who need it

If you are in a situation of economic or social vulnerability you may be eligible for the Social Rate, which consists of a discount on the price of natural gas or propane gas.

How to apply for it

You are eligible for the Social Rate if:


If in the first 6 months after the Social Rate is authorized your income exceeds twice the adjustable minimum wage, the Social Rate will be suspended If your income reverts to the required minimum, the Social Rate will be implemented automatically and you will not have to do anything. If from the seventh month the rate is granted your income exceeds twice the adjustable minimum wage, the Social rate will be cancelled, and if your income reverts to the required minimum you will have to process a new application.


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