Protecting the lives, health and psychophysical wellbeing of our staff, customers and third parties is a fundamental aspect of our work philosophy.

That is the reason why we do our work in strict compliance with current legislation and in line with an Integrated Safety and Environmental Management System, with work instructions that detail all the measures intended to prevent labor accidents and diseases.
The prevention of labor accidents and diseases is a key management principle and is considered as important as any other business aspect. All our staff and contractors must follow mandatory safety guidelines, which are also considered an essential element in performance evaluations.
  • Odorization of natural gas
    The injection of an odorizer to make it easier to detect the smell of gas, with international safety margins, guarantees the rapid detection of gas inside and outside our customers’ premises. This process is the most important safety element in distribution management. At Camuzzi we seek efficiency and continuous improvement, incorporating last generation technologies in the injection and control processes.
  • Gas leaks
    Through the gas leak survey scheme we review distribution network systems annually, minimizing accident risks through the maintenance and renovation of installations, where required.
  • Damage prevention
    Damage to gas pipes from external mechanical effects cause major risks and accidents. Because of this, at Camuzzi we have implemented a plan involving all our staff to identify potentially dangerous conditions and take the necessary prevention measures. The Damage Prevention Plan (DPP) is complemented with signposting on the surface of pipes and communication with companies, public bodies and the community (potential diggers) about the scope of the plan.
  • Emergency response program
    We are aware of the fact that some conditions may lead to emergencies and we have thus developed an Emergency Response Program to ensure people´s safety as well as to protect both public and private property, minimize damages and ensure fast service restoration. Our plan is regularly checked and reviewed to ensure it remains operational.