Connect to natural gas

Natural gas is the cleanest and safest way to supply power to your home, business or manufacturing plant.

To connect to the service, you must first engage a registered gas installer to check whether your home is on the gas network.
  • To request the construction of new grids or extension of existing ones, you need to submit a number of documents. To begin, download the Request for the Creation of a Preliminary Natural Gas Network Extension Project as well as the Project Applicant Form. Complete it and hand it in at the Camuzzi Commercial Office closest to your location.
  • After a feasibility study, we will issue the network extension preliminary schematic and the discount proposal (with the exception of works to be carried out on the Andes gas pipeline, which will not receive any discount proposals) in consideration for the transfer of the work. This transfer will be carried out in accordance with Law 24076, under which the construction work to extend the network is incorporated into the property of the companies for its maintenance and use, for reasons of public safety and to ensure normal and efficient service provision. The user is also exempted from all kind of liabilities for damages to third parties that might be caused by the works on this extension.
  • If the discount proposal is accepted, you must choose a contractor from the list available at the Camuzzi Commercial Office.
  • The selected contractor must request the relevant municipal authorization as well as the final inspection by Camuzzi once the works are finished. When the company has given its approval, the infrastructure will be transferred to Camuzzi (in accordance with Law 24,076) and approved to start operating.
  • Once all of the above steps have been completed, you will be ready to request service activation.
  • Contact a registered gas installer to complete the internal installation project, which includes installing appliances and ensuring that the gas installation is leak-proof and ventilated.
  • The registered gas installer must submit three forms and one gas layout scheme on your behalf to the Camuzzi offices as follows:
    • Feasibility Request (Form. 3.4 A). Used to report the type of installation to be carried out, the number of appliances, usage, etc. It must include a land registry plan.
    • Partial Inspection Request (Form. 3.5 Partial). Used to request the inspection of uncovered pipes, vents, etc. Must be submitted with the As-Built Plan of the installation.
    • Final Inspection Request (Form. 3.5 Final). Used to request the final inspection, once appliances have been connected.
  • When the final inspection is approved, you are ready to request service activation: connection to gas grid, gas supply and installation of the meter.
  • We will send an installer to install the meter, in the presence of an adult, and the service will then be in activated.